Center for Space Science and Engineering Research

Real-Time Space Weather Predictions
Weimer Models, Daily Summary

Electric Potential Daily Plot

Maximum - Minimum Electric Potentials
RED: Northern Hemisphere BLUE: Southern Hemisphere

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Peak Delta-B Daily Plot

Maximum And Minimum North-South Magentic Perturbation
Northern Hemisphere Only, in Geomagnetic Coordinates

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Total Heating Daily Plot

Total Heating in Polar Ionospheres
RED: Northern Hemisphere BLUE: Southern Hemisphere

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Exospheric Temperature Correction

Exopheric Temperature Correction From Total Heating

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These are daily summary plots of the real-time model calculations. A new plot is started daily at 0 UT. Prior days are saved in the real-time archive.

The calculation of the global, average exospheric temperature is described in this publication:
Journal of Geophysical Research 2010JA015685.
The electric potential and field-aligned current models, and their use in deriving the heating in the polar regions are in these papers:
Journal of Geophysical Research 2005JA011270.
Journal of Geophysical Research 2004JA010884.
and the most recent geomagnetic prediction model is described here:
Space Weather swe.20030

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