LiMIE: Linear Modeling of Ionospheric Electrodynamics

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Warning: Do not forget changing selection to "Electric Potentials" if "DMSP Ionospheric Convection Model" is selected above. Note that either of the modeled parameters can be selected for both "IZMEM" models.

Ørsted+Magsat Field-Aligned Currents Model produces patterns obtained purely from the new, satellite-based model of field-aligned currents [Papitashvili et al., 2002].

DMSP Ionospheric Convection Model produces patterns obtained purely from the new, DMSP-based model of ionospheric electrostatic potentials [Papitashvili and Rich, 2002].

IZMEM - calibrated by DMSP potentials produces patterns obtained after recalibration of the IZMEM model by the observed DMSP electrostatic potentials [Papitashvili et al., 1999].

IZMEM - from ground magnetometers produces modeled patterns obtained from the analysis of ground-based magnetometer data [e.g., Feldstein and Levitin, 1986, Papitashvili et al., 1994, and references therein].

While the modeling of any ionospheric parameter in the CGM Lat - MLT coordinates requires less than 5 sec on this Web server, it takes up to 1 min to calculate the plot in geographic coordinates... so, be patient! Also, we suggest the model be run first in the CGM Lat - MLT coordinates to select the appropriate contour interval.

Use of the LiMIE models for presentations or publications should be acknowledged. If any questions or comments about this model or algorithm arise, please contact Dr. Vladimir Papitashvili, Space Physics Research Laboratory, The University of Michigan, 2455 Hayward St., Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2143 (phone: 734-763-6247; FAX: 734-763-0437; e-mail:

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